The Virginia State Safety Inspection for your vehicle is one of the best values you will ever find. Did you know that Virginia's safety program is often the model for other states that want to establish a vehicle safety program. While sometimes the inconvenience or the unexpected expense can be a hassle we are all safer on the roads because of it. Virginia has one of the lowest EQUIPMENT FAILURE accident rates in the nation. From time to time we hear that the legislature is considering doing away with the program; I have often said that any representative thinking of sponsoring such a bill should spend a few days at an inspection station. Like any program the safety inspection program is only as good as the people operating it. Virginia requires an inspector re-certify every three years, this generally involves a short advisory time with updates about new regulations and problem areas. This is followed by a written exam consisting of 100 questions in four segments, each segment requiring a passing grade. The entire re-certification meeting and the written test are conducted by Virginia State Troopers.
The safety regulations and tolerance specification are established by the state legislature and each inspection station is supervised by a Virginia State Trooper.
So the next time you feel frustrated because your vehicle is due for inspection remember you, your loved ones and everyone else on the road are safer for it.
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